Merseyside Animal Rights is a local voluntary run group which campaigns against any form of animal exploitation in the Merseyside area and beyond.

Dates for your diary


Tues 10th December, 6.30pm – 8.30pm – Candle Lit Vigil
Outside Liverpool University Laboratories, Crown Street

Hosted by Merseyside Animal Rights Campaigns and TTAR – Team Tino Animal Rights

Candle Lit Vigil to take time to remember the 23,000 animals that died at Liverpool University last year and those that are still being held in captivity, and continue to be tested on

Help us stop this barbaric practice. 9 out of every 10 medicines that pass animal trials fail on humans. Animal testing is a blunt tool, it is a waste of money and most importantly inhumane. There are alternatives.

So join us outside of the labs at Liverpool University, we will provide candles, but feel welcome to bring your own

Sun 15th December, 11am – Cruelty Free Shopping
Liverpool – meeting point tbc

A chance to challenge the cruelty and consumerism of Christmas by offering compassionate, cruelty free anti-consumerist alternatives

Sun  15th December, 2pm – 4pm – Tui Protest
97 Lord Street, Liverpool

Hosted by Team Tino Animal Rights, we will be protesting outside Tui. We`ll have leaflets and posters but if you want to bring your own feel free!

Tui is complicit in the wild capture and abuse of dolphins and whales for profit. Every single day Tui sells thousands of tickets to dolphin and whale shows all across the globe. Many of these whales and dolphins have been brutally captured and wrenched out of the ocean to be sent to marine parks that Tui sells to. Such parks are located in Cuba and the Caribbean which are continuously buying captured dolphins, plus now China where the park is buying captured dolphins from the notoriously brutal drive hunts in Japan. Tui also sell to large parks in the USA such as SeaWorld and Miami Seaquarium, these parks are confining and exploiting many marine animals including orcas. Peer reviewed studies are consistently coming to light which demonstrate marine animals suffer horrifically during and after capture and whilst held in confinement year after year in marine prison tanks. Tui has no animal welfare policies which protect marine animals from these horrors. In fact, Tui turn a blind eye to this abuse and keep selling tickets. Tui doesn’t seem to care that marine animals are dying to make them profit.

Thurs 19th December, 4pm – Flannels Fur protest
Manestys Lane/College Lane, Liverpool, L1 3DL

Late night shopping protest – Flannels previously agreed to go fur-free, but have not kept to their word. The fur industry has been exposed countless times for horrific cruelty to animals, fur farming was banned in the UK back in 2000 and the British public are strongly supportive of calls for a UK ban on fur imports/sales too. We will let the public know about the shocking ways in which animals are exploited for their skins, encouraging them to always choose synthetic (cruelty-free) products.


Tues 7th January, 7.30pm – MAR meeting 
Next To Nowhere 96 Bold Street, L1 4HY, ring the white bell to get in

A chance to catch up and plan for animal rights activism in and around Merseyside – new people and ideas welcome.

Thurs 9th January – Film Screening Game Changers – time tbc
At Next To Nowhere 96 Bold Street, L1 4HY, ring the white bell to get in


Sat 15th February – BHF Protest Liverpool – details tbc

Fri 28th February – Petition presentation

We’ll present our petition to Liverpool University re animal testing – details tbc

Sat 29th February – Death on your doorstep

Role call of how many die at Liverpool Uni – cube type with facts of how many died, loud haler and speakers – details tbc


Lush charity Pot Weekend – date tbc


2nd – 4th April – Grand National Race

Merseyside Animal Rights aims to protect horse racing cruelty at all three days of the Grand National event as far as we can – we’ll publish details nearer the time

30 days of animals testing activism hosted by Team Tino Animal Rights

Fri 24th April – World Day for Animals in Laboratories
Protest at Liverpool University

Sat 25th April – World Day for Animals in Laboratories
March through Liverpool City Centre